Review: Teeth

Plot This is a coming-of-age story at heart, with a horror twist. We follow an ordinary girl in her journey to understanding her physical mutation and wreaking revenge on those out to sully her "whiter-than-white" reputation.


Having come across the 'Vagina Dentata' in my Film Studies class, I was intrigued to watch this movie, to see if they stay true to the myth, and how much they played around with the idea in order to fuel the narrative. If the horror-film-going male audience out there didn't already have a fear of castration..they will do now! The story follows high school student Dawn; Virgin and aspirational leader for young teens, giving motivational talks about the benefits of abstinence. When she meets Tobey, another member of the school chastity group, she thinks she has struck gold and that maybe he could be 'the one'.. that is until they decide to take things to the next level; Dawn hesitates, and Tobey 's carnal urges awaken the beast between Dawn's legs...

In Dawn's search for answers, she encounters a few less-than-savoury male characters, who are willing to exploit her vulnerable position (despite her warnings), only to meet a gruesome end involving the retrieval of their manhood (and other phallic extremities) from the other side of the room. There are a few scenes that spring to mind here - namely one where her dodgy gynecologist loses a few digits when he sticks his hand where it's not wanted, during a not-so-professional nether region check up. Followed closely by seemingly nice guy Ryan made the school boy error of pissing a girl off while having sex - including talking to his mate on the phone (during intercourse) then confessing to Dawn that their romantic sexual encounter was spurred on by a bet. You would think this would be a case of "Once bitten, twice shy" but it seems poor Dawn has a penchant for egotistical, sex-obsessed freaks. Needless to say, though, she develops a good method of stopping the bad guys in their tracks (and later searching the floor for their missing appendage).

Jess Weixler puts in an excellent performance as innocent adolescent who quickly transforms into dead-pan nonchalant vixen with a taste for vengeance. Towards the end of the film there are some scenes that will have you wincing (mainly for the male viewers, and perhaps some sympathetic female viewers), in particular when Ryan is robbed of his baby maker - first he cries a little, then he grabs the remainder of his modest manhood and places it to where it once belonged, in a frustrated attempt to reattach it! But overall the gore is not overly explicit and neither is the nudity. The filmmakers decided not to show the main subject of the film, the vagina dentata, which was a clever move on their part in order to avoid being associated with less sophisticated, tacky horror spoofs.

Verdict: This is a very cleverly written, witty movie, that will have you recoiling and laughing hysterically simultaneously... If you're looking for some good entertainment and are not averse to the idea of castration then this is the one for you - Note: not a good "first date" movie.

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