Review: Grace

Plot A more gruesome, modern day Rosemary's Baby.


If the thought of pregnancy and babies makes you feel a bit giddy, just wait until you see this! A first time feature from writer/ director Paul Solet, Grace is the story of a young married woman who falls pregnant and only three weeks from birth, is involved in a car accident, which proves fatal for her husband. After being rushed to the hospital, Madeleine (Jordan Ladd, Cabin Fever) is told that her her baby also dies as a result of the accident. Madeleine (against advice from others) decides to carry her dead baby to term and deliver her naturally. It is only when she delivers baby Grace three weeks later that we realize things aren't quite what they seem...

The first two-thirds of the film are spectacular to watch - I found it hard to get my head around the fact that a film with such a realistic grasp on the emotions of a pregnant woman/ new mother was captured so beautifully by a male writer/ director. The film really taps into the invasiveness and claustrophobia of pregnancy and the early days after birth.
There are some wonderfully gory moments including an arm being sliced through, and a few nipple incidents that will make even the most hardened gore-fan flinch. The ending was the real spoiler for me; for a film that invested so much thought, time and talent in creating an amazingly real take on the journey of a young woman becoming a mother, the last ten minutes seemed rushed and almost comedic - a poor man's Thelma and Louise parody if I ever saw one! The final shot (again, involving nipples) is one which seemed to divide the audience; some thought it was brilliant, I on the other hand thought it was rather cheap in comparison to the rest of the film.
Verdict: Grace will definitely have more resonance with the females in the audience, but if you're wanting a good dose of gore with from a film with a heart, then this is the one to go and see - shame about the ending though!
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