My love affair with Horror...

My main passion in life is horror films - I have loved them ever since I caught a glimpse of my first one, aged six, and ever since I have been fascinated with them. My interest in the genre peaked when I stumbled across a (then) relativelt little-known horror film festival in London back in 2006 called Frightfest, which has since become a world-renowned five day extravaganza, showcasing the best horror films from around the world.

My first experience of the Frightfest event, which takes place every August Bank holiday in Leicester Square, London, occurred after making friends with some of the regulars on the FrightFest forum, spurring me to go down for the day to try it out. I had never experienced anything quite like it before - a cinema full of horror fans, cheering and heckling at what was onscreen. These horror fanatics made the cinema their home for the best part of a week, seeing on average around 30 films over the course of four and a half days!
I came away that day realizing that I had finally found my home, and after being dragged to Reading festival the following year, decided that outdoor camping wasn't really for me and got set for the countdown to my first full weekend of horror in 2008. Two and a half years, and three Frightfest events after my first experience, and I'm still as excited as ever to see what the Frightfest organisers are going to bring to the table for their next event.
Up next is the March event, which takes place on the 7th March for one day, featuring the best (and only, might I add) documentary about Ozplitation films I have ever seen, Not Quite Hollywood, in addition to some other exciting new horror titles to whet our appetites. The surprise films is also causing a bit of discussion - if it is what I think it is then it should be a very good weekend indeed!
Frightfest is a festival created by horror fans for horror fans, and every year the number of regular attendees keeps rising. Each event boasts exclusive world and UK premieres with directors, producers and cast in attendance for Q&A sessions and signings. For any horror fans out there shouting at their screen: 'Tell me where I can find more information on this Mecca of gore and terror!", here is a link to the Frightfest website.