New Trailer for Brit Thriller, Kill List

Described as 'the best British genre film in years' by Total Film Magazine's Deputy Editor, Jamie Graham, Kill List is the second feature from Essex born director, Ben Wheatley (his first being the Award-winner and festival favourite, Down Terrace).

The movie centers around an ex-soldier who becomes a hitman and takes on a violent and gruesome mission. The UK premiere takes place on Friday 26th August at top Horror Film Festival, FrightFest.

I was lucky enough to see Wheatley's first directorial outing, Down Terrace, at Fantastic Fest in Austin back in 2009, where it was very well received and has continued to win awards and praise from festivals ever since. I was blown away by the gritty story and incredible performances, which makes me even more excited to see Kill List at this years FrightFest.

So, who else plans to see this at the festival? and could this be Wheatley's big break into mainstream Hollywood movies?

See the new trailer for Kill List below: