Review: He's Just Not That Into You


A tangled tale of 9 people and their interwoven relationships, where they go wrong and how to know whether that guy really likes you or not.


With a cast list that reads like your average Academy Awards guest list, He's Just Not That Into You hits the big-time by managing to score some of the hottest names in Hollywood, including Scarlett Johansson, Jennifer Aniston and Bradley Cooper.

The story follows the relationships and crossed paths of several Baltimore residents, with needy singleton Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) at the centre of it all. Confused by the dating advice given to her by friends, versus tales of her friend's friends who are the exception to the rules, versus the lack of calls and second dates she's getting, a chance meeting with honest and straight-talking bar manager Alex (Justin Long) sets Gigi on the path to liberation and discovering the real rules of attraction.

Based on the best-selling relationship self-help book of the same title (written by Greg Behrendt and Liz Tuccillo , who just so happen to be script consultants on hit HBO show, Sex and the City), the movie strikes a nice balance between comedy, romance and drama. It successfully flits between characters paths, crossing them at the right moments and demonstrating that no matter what your position (wife, mistress, best friend) - everyone suffers in the cruel game of love.

The book has a very 'agony aunt' structure consisting of chapters of hypothetical situations (i.e. 'If he's not calling you...) with desperate letters from women who make excuses for men but ultimately want answers, and the blunt but helpful responses from the authors. The writers managed to successfully convert the overall feel of the book to screen, dividing the interweaving stories into relevant chapters.

Categorized by many critics as soppy drivel, He's Just Not That Into You is not Oscar worthy by any means, but it can be enjoyed as meaningless fluffy entertainment, and perhaps that was the intention all along. If you like Love Actually and similar Rom-Coms, then give this a whirl as an ideal hangover movie.


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