The Real Price of Beauty

The beauty industry in the the UK alone is a multi-billion pound industry, and the simple fact that Britain is slowly crawling out of a major financial recession yet a record 3,500 jobs in the beauty sector have been posted this month across the leading job sites, suggests that despite the current dreary climate, people are making beauty and cosmetic preservation a priority; helping the industry thrive. But are we spending more money or just adopting a more 'disposable' attitude towards beauty (as we have been doing in recent years with fashion)? I would argue that the latter is perhaps more truthful, taking my recent article on Lidl's cut price perfume beating Chanel's new £61 perfume in a blind test as a prime example. If you take a trip to your local town centre or shopping mall, you will see that many high street stores and supermarkets are branching out into beauty products. Over recent months I have tried many of the 'cheaper alternative' products on offer, some have proven it to be a case of you get what you pay for, but some have provided pleasantly surprising results as well as saving a few pounds. The first product comes from Superdrug's Sleek range. I tried all of the products pictured below, including Pout Polish lipgloss (£4.30), Ink Pot eyeliner gel (£4.29) and Divine Storm eyeshadow palette (£6.49), and was very pleased with the results of all three.  

When I first came across the Sleek range I was looking to buy a gel eyeliner, and after being recommended Mac gel eyeliner by a friend (coming in at around £8 for a small pot), I decided to take a gamble and try Superdrug's cheaper alternative. It comes complete with a handy eyeliner brush, which allows you to create a solid, sleek line or a more smudged effect if you prefer. I was very impressed with the eyeliner and the little pot goes a long way (even with regular use). I then decided to try out their eyeshadow palette. As a girl who likes her eyeshadow but never knows which colour to go for, this palette with 12 different shades is the perfect solution - it takes up minimal space in your makeup bag and the neatly arranged packaging means your colours stay separate with no mess. Finally I purchased Sleek's Pout Polish, a light summer shimmer for lips perfect hybrid between a gloss and a lipstick. The texture is quite sticky to touch, yet when on it transforms to a light shimmery gloss that moisturizes and protects against the sun. Next up, Aldi's Lacura makeup range, specifically their foundation (pictured below).











Having spent years investing (too much) money in sub-par foundations, I decided to give Aldi's £2.39 foundation a try. Promising 'perfect coverage and natural shine protection', Lacura foundation is silky and light to the touch, and comes in 4 shades so you're bound to find one that suits you. Best applied with fingers, this light foundation provides a dewy finish and contains aloe vera and shea butter which moisturize the skin while providing even coverage. I will never forget the saying 'labels are on the inside for a reason', and this is true not just for fashion, but for beauty products too. I can't speak for everyone, but it pays (and saves) to leave your brand/ label snobbery at the door if trying to be moneysaving or lead a more green lifestyle. No-one knows what brand of makeup you are wearing (unless you tell everyone) so why pay over the odds for a more expensive brand when you could buy a cheaper brand that offers as high a quality product? So what is the real cost of beauty? Not as much as you might think, and with supermarket and high street competing with the Macs and Chanels of this world, the price could be even lower in future.