Not Long Now....

Good new folks - it's nearly my favourite (well, ok, second favourite - after Christmas) time of year again --> FrightFest!

Horror-loving movie fans from across the UK (and further afield) descend on Leicester Square each August Bank Holiday weekend to set up camp at the Empire Cinema, where we are treated to over 30 films, Q&As with cast and crew, fantastic freebies and exclusive surprises.

We are thoroughly spoiled this year with 18 UK premieres including the highly anticipated second feature from Ben Wheatley, Kill List, Lucky McKee's brutal cautionary tale The Woman, and B-Movie homage anthology Chillerama from some of our favourite FrightFest guests; Tim Sullivan, Adam Green and Joe Lynch.

So with only two days to go until it all kicks off, I thought I would share what I am most looking forward to (aside from those mentioned above). I'll start with opening night - for me it's not about Del Toro's Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark, oh no, it's FD5 that I'm most excited about on Thursday. I've been a massive fan of the Final Destination films since I saw the first one on the big screen, aged 15, and as soon as my friend ran out to be sick (at the 'train' scene) I knew I'd found a good 'un! I had no idea at that point that 11 years later I'd be sitting down to watch the 4th sequel. Despite the increasingly predictable plot and less inventive deaths, you know what to expect with the FD franchise, and as long as you go in expecting nothing more than silliness and a bit of fun, you can't complain.

Friday has some great films in store including The Glass Man - looking forward to seeing FrighFest fave Andy Nyman back on the big screen with scream queen Neve Campbell, Tucker and Dale vs Evil - I saw a screener about a year and a half ago, and I cannot wait to see it again. It had me in stitches from start to finish, T&DvE will be a breath of fresh, comedic air for FF regulars, as an original, well-scripted movie that turns the horror genre on it's head.

The Woman and Fright Night are the two I'm most looking forward to for Saturday, mainly because I have no idea what to expect from either of them. The former has been hyped up no end and the latter, pretty much laughed at in early reviews, so it will be interesting to see the results and how much the reviews affect my opinion of them.

Sunday will perhaps be the most fun with the return of the Short Film Showcase and Andy Nyman's Quiz From Hell 2 - both went down a storm last year and I hope to improve on my frankly pathetic score from last year! Time to start boffing up..

Monday is all about the closing film, A Lonely Place To Die, starring Melissa George, whose last FrightFest film Triangle kicked off the the festival with a bang in 2009. There are also some gems to be found in the Discovery Screen - I have yet to venture into the Disco screen, and have decided that this is the year to do it. I'm hoping to head over for one film each day - I'm determined to catch Jason Arnopp's Stormhouse, A Horrible Way To Die, and The Caller.

As I'm sitting on the front row this year I'll hopefully be in a prime spot for photos of the Q&As and Intros, all of which will be posted on here when I get back, along with reviews of some of the films.

So all that's left to do is finish packing, and all that's left to say is: Enjoy yourself, see as much as you can, don't be shy (say 'hello') and see you all there!