Latest DVD Reviews: Razors and Revenge

Head over to Chris and Phil Present now to read my latest DVD Reviews. This week has a more international flavour as I review an old, Italian exploitation classic and a Turkish/ US co-produced Action/ Drama.

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Five Minarets In New York

"The acting is solid for the most part, especially given the limiting, often stereotypical writing of the main Turkish characters, who have little opportunity to exercise their acting chops bar the odd philosophical, dramatic speech about peace and understanding. I would have loved to have seen more of Gina Gershon and Danny Glover, who fail to be anything less than captivating when on screen, no matter how insignificant their presence appears to be to the plot."


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House on the Edge of the Park 

"Alex (David Hess) and Ricky (Giovanni Lombardo Radice) are two red-blooded, razor-happy males, who have a soft spot for disco dancing. Following a chance meeting with an upper-class, snobbish pair who bring their car in to be repaired late one night, they invite themselves along to hijack the toffs’ friends’ party, with the intention of turning their well-to-do social gathering into a party (cue Hess’ wiggly hip action). Unfortunately for the rich crowd, their interpretation of a party and Alex’s are very different, or so we assume."

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