Hmmm, Pinteresting: 3 Great New Social Media Sites

Attention folks, there are 3 new social media kids in town and they are here to stay! So get signed up and start using these bad boys ASAP while they're still relatively young so you can show off to your mates and sow them how to use them.


First up - the best, Pinterest:



Pinterest is a virtual pinboard and social media site that allows you to upload, like, 'pin' and share your favourite images and videos on the web. The site's mission statement is to "connect everyone in the world through the 'things' they find interesting." It is fully integrated with Twitter and Facebook so your followers and friends can keep up to date with what you like.

The terminology: On your profile you can create 'boards' where you categorize the images you like and 'repin'.

The site launched as a closed beta in March 2010, then as invite-only open beta (as it remains today - email me for an invite). In August 2011 Time Magazine included Pinterest in it's '50 Best Websites of 2011' column.

Pinterest now has over 10.4 million registered users according to Inside Network’s AppData tracking service (a massive leap from the 1.68 million registered users in September 2011).


This Is My Jam:



This Is My Jam is a new social tool that allows you to select and share your favourite song for upto a week (you can change your 'Jam' before this, but if you don't it will appear on your profile and on the homepage of those that follow you for 7 days). It recently changed from invite-only beta to public beta, so now everyone can join. It has a simple sign up process that allows you to sign in with either Twitter or Facebook, and then add the other so that you can share your latest 'Jams' with your Facebook friends and Twitter followers.

A simple and easy to use Social Media site, it is unique in that this is the first music focused one that successfully achieves what it sets out to do - Watch this space over the next few months - This could well be on a par with Twitter and become an essential Social Networking tool for music fans.

This Is My Jam actively encourages users to discover new music (as well as share their existing favourites) by placing emphasis on the 'social' aspect of the site - when you log on the home page is filled with new 'Jams' that people you follow have submitted. What's really interesting is that there is no search bar to find new songs, only a search bar to enter your new 'Jam' into - they also drive home the importance of social interaction on the site by suggesting new people to follow based on: most -liked jams this month, popular current jam, most-liked among friends, and past jams include 'x' (artists who have featured as your 'Jam' before).





Letterboxd is the ultimate social networking site for film geeks; An online film-diary of sorts, where you can log the date and time you watched a movie, as well as giving it a star rating and a review. With an aesthetically pleasing, easy-to-navigate interface, it makes early adopters of the film social media angle (such as Get Glue and Flixster) pale into insignificance.

The simplistic nature of the site reflects it's tagline: 'Your life in film'. Users can not only log their watched films, but also follow other users to see what they have been watching (great for looking for film recommendations) and create lists to share with other users.

There is a vast range of titles available to search from and any that can't be found can be added to the TMDb (The Movie Database) with relative ease. There is no mobile interface as of yet, but once it goes public I expect Android and iOS will follow up with official apps (once their own API has launched).

Letterboxd is currently in private beta so you can either add your email address to the waiting list on the homepage, or get in touch for an invite.