Girl vs Food: Chocolate Edition

On Thursday I was lucky enough to go along to the Royal Garden Hotel in Kensington for a 'Chocolate Extravanganza Meal' with my AMV Pulse team to celebrate National Chocolate Week (8th - 14th October). The evening consisted of a welcome chocolate cocktail (or Chocktail - like it!) before a chocolate demonstration involving: how to temper chocolate, how to make your own Easter Eggs, truffle-making and chocolate decoration tips, followed by a tasting session.

After that we were seated in the dining room for an almighty meal consisting of four different desserts (containing different types of chocolate, varying in sweetness), all washed down with two delicious cocktails.

ImageOur amazing Chocktails containing: Creme de Cacao, White Rum, Cherry Brandy, Chocolate and Milk.

ImageOne of the fabulous displays of intricate chocolate decorations - some of which were made during the demonstration.

ImageFirst batch of tasting: three different types of chocolate, varying in sweetness and percentage. White was the winner for me!


Some of the chocolates made each day by the hotel. From left to right: milk chocolate truffle, dark chocolate with cherry fondant, milk chocolate with caramel, white chocolate truffle.


Chef demonstrating how to temper chocolate properly, on a marble surface.

ImageTruffle making demonstration.

ImageThe menu - I've never seen so much chocolate in one place...

ImagePaul and Naomi from team Pulse - we're never far away from our phones or Twitter...


Dark chocolate cake with hazelnut flake and orange mascarpone.

ImageWhite chocolate and coffee tart with marbled chocolate ice cream.

ImageMilk chocolate parfait with rasberry and chocolate macaroon.

ImageHot chocolate pot with warm cherry bakewell.

ImageGreen Woodpecker.


September special cocktail - can't remember the name of it, but it was already October!