Weekly Viral Vaccine 11-08

This week, we've got everything from cakes to cats, Minions to Jeremy Clarkson. Enjoy! 1) Alan Partridge cake - creepy looking, so pretty spot on then

2) Indoor clouds - ever wondered what clouds would look like indoors? A Dutch artists has made it a reality - awesome stuff.

3) The world's deepest swimming pool - 100 feet deep might not seem like that much, but check out the photo. Another reason to visit Belgium

4) 7 practical effects in film you probably thought were CGI - For those who are jaded by the over (and often poor) use of CGI in films, take a look at this and have your faith restored in the magic of real effects

5) Jeremy Clarkson car art - Relax, it's just a spray job...

6) Vinylize - the ultimate in cool, bespoke spectacle design; wear your favourite record on your peepers

7) Daft Minions - what the little dudes get up to on their days off

8) Free apps for iPad - top 25 from Mashable (good to have some useful links in here too)

9) CatShark - As it's Shark Week...