Social Bites: Facebook Updates

Will Facebook's new call-to-action buttons change the future of online shopping? Over the last few years Facebook has become more and more business focused; with younger users shifting to other platforms (Twitter and Instagram) to interact with their peers and in their place brands now taking a more dominant presence. It came as no surprise then that last month Facebook announced that it was testing a "buy" button on a selection of sponsored ads and pages. If successful (and well received by the general public) they could be rolling this out to all advertisers.


CTA button


This new function will provide users to buy a product from their favourite brands without having to leave the platform - its a win-win situation for both advertisers and users. For those of you wondering if it is safe or not, here's what Facebook have to say:

"None of the credit or debit card information people share with Facebook when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers, and people can select whether or not they’d like to save payment information for future purchases".

This development was a natural progression for the platform, considering that they had already dipped a toe in the water of added features designed to help advertisers reach more customers earlier in the year. The Custom Audience tool was given an additional five call-to-action buttons for marketers to choose from (Shop Now, Sign Up, Learn More, Download, and Book Now), broadening the options for brands, particularly those that don't sell tangible products.

If you follow the evolution of brand engagement practices on social platforms, it is no surprise that this development has come about. In an attempt to regulate the amount of spam and raise the quality of content from publishers on the platform, earlier this year Facebook announced that brands are no longer allowed to ask for 'likes' or shares within their posts. Instead brands are encouraged to advertise on the platform to ensure their message reaches as many people as possible.


Cross-device reporting for ads coming

This week Facebook has announced cross-device reporting as a new feature within Facebook Insights. This will allow advertisers to see how people move between devices (on mobile apps and on the web) before converting.




Understanding user behaviour and experience is essential to advertisers to give their customers the best experience and ensure their ads reach the most relevant people at the best time and place. It is now commonplace for people to be using two or three devices at work or at home, simultaneously - and up until now it's been tricky to pinpoint which ads are being seen on which devices alongside on which devices the conversions then occur.

Early tests with selected advertisers show that gaining an understanding of how users interact with their content and how their device behaviour and preferences affect their actions, is invaluable:

According to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Manager, Social Media, Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, “We learned that our customers get inspired to travel on their mobile device and afterwards book a ticket through desktop. This knowledge helps us better understand how our mobile media spend contributes to conversion on other devices.”

The cross-device report uses data from the Facebook Conversion Pixel and Facebook SDK. For more information on why cross-device measurement matters, read the news story on Facebook for Business.


You Can Now Manage Facebook Ads On The Go

Are you a community/ brand manager whose social life is taking a beating due to asking friends if they have a laptop and wifi password you can borrow? Are you constantly nipping off to set up and monitor ads over the weekend for your clients? It needn't be a nuisance anymore, now that Facebook have launched a new feature that allows you to manage your ads on the go.

ads2 ads1

Last month Facebook launched the new Ads Manager feature within the Facebook App (iOS, Android and mobile site). Marketers will now be able to:

  • Pause or resume campaigns
  • Edit budgets and schedules
  • View insights
  • Respond to alerts

This feature is expected to be available to all advertisers by the end of the summer.