The Best Tumblrs of 2014

The internet has been on top form this year, and it's only fair to do a round up and give credit to the geniuses behind these timely, hilarious beauties. So put the cat away, make a cup of tea and have some LOLs with my top Tumblr picks of the year! Museum of Selfies


A slightly more creative version of the over-saturated trend of the 'selfie' (that's not completely self-indulgent) - why did nobody think of this earlier?

If Paintings Could Text


The title explains it all - giving paintings a (witty) voice, using the medium of texting.

House of Carbs


As a lover of puns (and food), I'm kicking myself that I didn't come up with this one. Genius.

Will It Beard

will it beard

Inspired by the infamous Will It Blend, Will It Beard asks all the important beard-related questions in life such as: Straws - will it beard? (answer: yes, it will!)

Beyonce vs. Zombies


A clever mix of great illustrations of our Bey in different Zombie apocalypse situations with lyrics from her songs as captions. Great fun.

Source Code in TV and Film


Ever wondered what the code used in your favourite TV shows and films mean? And whether they're completely made up or actually real? Someone has gone to the trouble to find out...

Love Grandpa and Grandmaster Flash

grandmaster flash

When you mix Grandparents and Facebook, hilarity ensues!

Drunk Furniture

drunk furniture

We've all been there - apparently so has the furniture.

Something for the Weekend

This week has been a busy one - I've mostly been preparing for my trip to Glasgow for the MTV EMA Awards this weekend (which is very exciting), so didn't have chance to post the Weekly Viral Vaccine. In it's place I've put together a little 'Something for the weekend' - a couple of juicy links to keep you entertained when you're on the bus or waiting for a friend at the pub. Enjoy!

  • Honda The Other Side - this incredible video allows you to switch between two stories with the click of the 'R' key. Beautifully (and meticulously) shot, it will have you watching again and again to see the different sides of the story.
  • The Motherlode of Deliciously Disturbing and Disgusting VHS Horror Art - naturally!
  • The John Lewis Christmas TV Ad Recut - the internet has been inundated with comments and tweets about Super-Agency Adam&Eve DDB's newest heart-melting festive ad, but I always have more of a soft spot for the parodies - this one is winning by a country mile. Introducing The Babadook recut:


  • All the Best Fake Commercials from the Movies, in One Amazing Supercut - some of these are awesome!



Halloween Food Pinspiration

If you didn't know (where have you been?) it's Halloween tomorrow, and as it falls on a Friday you have a whole weekend to celebrate one of the most fun holidays of the year. I've been scouring Pinterest for some fun Halloween-inspired recipes so you don't have to. So why not take a crack at making some of these fabulous recipes at home to fuel your horror movie marathons - everyone does that right? It's not just me, surely... Click on the titles to go to the recipes. Enjoy!

Alien Chest-Buster Macaron



Shattered Glass Cupcakes 


Cream Cheese Brain Dip


Monster Donuts

Monster donuts

Witches Fingers

Witches Fingers

Spooky Spaghetti

spooky spaghetti

Cheese Broom Sticks

heese Broom Sticks

And Finally.....


Weekly Viral Vaccine 29-10

Everything this week is Halloween-themed, obviously! So let me show you some of the best spooky things on the web this week!  

1) The Ultimate Halloween prank!



2) Oreo is winning at Halloween!


3) For those who like Michael Jackson - Thriller sung in 20 different styles



4) For those who REALLY like Michael Jackson - The making of Thriller



5) The Infected Rick - for The Walking Dead fans (that's like, everyone, right?)


6) Zombie-proof bike - you can now be a bike snob and take out some undead hordes at the same time



7) Head in a jar - the perfect Halloween prank to scare the bejeezus out of your housemates



8) Cutest/ scariest Halloween costumes for your little ones


Weekly Viral Vaccine 22-10

Some more weird, wonderful and downright odd things from the internet this week! 1) Hilarious One Star Yelp Reviews of Gorgeous National Parks - there's just no pleasing some people!

cave man

2) Introducing The Vending Machine Supermarket!


3) All of the Superhero movies coming out between now and 2020 - you're welcome!


4) This cool music video brings some classic album covers to life


5) Hilarious translated TV show titles from around the world - my fave has to be 'Crazy in the Area'!


6) Paralyzed artist learns to paint with her mouth - truly inspirational!


7) A ranking of 40 Halloween Candies from nastiest to raddest

Haloween kitkats

8) This woman has some incredible make up skills!

Disney Villain inspired fashion at George at ASDA

Perhaps it is because Halloween is almost upon us (the only time when it is socially acceptable for you to dress like a ghoul and act like a child), or it might be because according to the retail world, we are now technically in ‘pre-holiday season’, either way George at ASDA have decided to celebrate by collaborating with Graduate Fashion Week to bring customers a collection of Disney Villain inspired dresses.  

Starting with the first one, which is clearly inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White and the Seven Dwarves. The floral design on the tulip-cut skirt balances out the masculine collar of the top, adding a touch of femininity to the dress.

Graduate Fashion Week Floral Bottom Disney Villains Dress - £28

Disney villain floral bottom

evil queen



Next we have a Dalmation dress inspired by Cruella De Vil. A mix of smart casual styling and structure makes this a versatile dress that can be worn with boots and a scarf to a coffee date with friends, or dressed up with statement accessories and heels for a glam night on the town.

Graduate Fashion Week Belted Disney Villains Dress - £30




The final dress in the collection is inspired by the enigmatic Maleficent. This gothic, structured dress is perfect for a grown up Halloween party, and the high-neck and sheer sleeves are practical touch for those chilly Autumn nights.

Graduate Fashion Week Belted Disney Villains Dress - £28

black dress



So whether you're looking for that perfect Halloween costume or are simply looking for a stylish nod to your favourite childhood characters, give these a whirl. At these reasonably prices, they're sure to sell out quickly.

If dresses aren't your thing, you could always go for a Bambi onesie!

Disney Bambi Onesie - £14



Weekly Viral Vaccine 15-10

After a week relaxing, snorkeling and tanning on the lovely islands of Malta, I'm back to bring you closer to some of the funny, entertaining and odd things on the web.  

1) The Walking Dead pancakes (this is incredible!)



2) The 15 best closing songs in films - can't forget this one...



3) Epic GoPro bridge ride (rather him than me!)



4) A Plant-Blood Veggie burger? Yep, you read me correctly!

plant blood veggie burger


5) Paintings from Plane windows - I simply love this, and am amazed that noone had thought about it before...

plane window

6) Baffling foreign versions of The Fresh Prince of Bel Air theme tune - the Polish one has to be the best!



7) Obama of the future found on the New York Subway



8) Space cats is well worth a follow on Twitter - just a couple of gleaming examples below as to why

space cats3

space cats2

space cats1


Weekly Viral Vaccine 08-10

Some more random musings from the tinterweb...  

1) Jon Negroni's 'Pixar Theory' has been made into a video



2) Inspirational, illustrated video of one designer's thoughts on failure



3) How to spam a spammer - possibly the best text response you'll ever see!


4) 40 ways to stay creative



5) Everyone can go home - this person just won the internet!

camel selfie


6) Looking for a new adventure? Here are some fictional places you can actually visit!



7) Incredible series of double exposed photographs, mixing portraits with architecture


Weekly Viral Vaccine 01-10

Here's a look at the best of the net this week. Enjoy! 1) First up, some painfully awkward band photos

awkward band photos

2) Introducing, the meta-beard


3) Benedict Cumberbatch can't say the word Penguins


4) The definition of teamwork

5) 8 foreign films to watch before they're remade

The Raid

6) Spelling, random capitalization - so much wrong with this...

are village

7) How to exit in style!


8) The most dramatic entrance of a dog dressed as a dinosaur, that you'll ever see


9) Non-essential essential Waitrose items

essential waitrose

10) Introducing the Pepperoni pizza cake


11) Mini's rather odd new ad for their automatic gearbox - appealing to the Zombie fans

mini ad

11) The top 10 best movie makeup transformations of all time

Trailer Drop

I've been scouring the web to find some of the best, new trailers to be released online this week. Enjoy!




First up is Serena. This is the third film that Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence have worked on together, and the high-profile pair will no doubt draw a big crowd for this Depression-era Drama.







20 years after Speed and Keanu Reeves is back in the Action Thriller saddle again with fast-paced revenge flick, John Wick. The moral of the film? Don't piss off ex-hitmen! Count me in.







An ensemble cast that promises a great performance for this comedy drama, set in rural New England in the '80s. A Memorial Day weekend that turns sour after an unexpected event, reveals some truths and ultimately salvation for a troubled family.







A modern re-take on a 1976 horror movie 'loosely' based on a true story, The Town That Dreaded Sundown picks up in Texarkana, 65 years after the original 'moonlight murders' took place, with a new masked murderer on the loose. Is it the same guy or a copycat? Is there more to this plot than meets the eye? Perhaps not, but it looks like it could be a fun horror flick anyway...







If I told you this stars Jennifer Lopez as the lead, would you be surprised to know that it isn't another dull rom-com? The latest addition to the growing trend of Creeper Thrillers, The Boy Next Door looks like a promising take on obsession movies, a reverse Fatal Attraction, if you will. It's not out until January 2015 though...







Written by Emma Thompson, Effie Gray is an historical drama starring Dakota Fanning in the titular role. It tells the tale of the first woman in history to seek a divorce from her husband. Fascinating stuff!





Rockstar has just released a new trailer for GTA V to celebrate the new-gen console version release date announcements. Xbox One and PS4 players will be able to buy the new version from November 18th. Additions to the game include new vehicles, new weapons, and even new wildlife!




Capcom has released this new trailer, and announced that the game will be released episodically (odd, but perhaps a smart move).
"The party is crashed, Claire and Moira are knocked unconscious and taken to a mysterious detention center located on an island. They soon encounter demented, writhing enemies called Afflicted roaming the halls of this abandoned facility, and have to team up to survive. The real question is, who brought them here? And... why?"



Weekly Viral Vaccine 08-09

Happy Monday y'all - here's what's been happening on the internet this week: 1) Giant Mutant Spider Dog - this is both hilarious and completely genius!









2) More puns like this, please - Again, complete genius


3) IKEA Bookbook - IKEA trying to be clever about Apple, but coming off a little smug in the process...


4) London Meat Map - fine the best places for meat in the big smoke

London Meat Map









5) #ExplainAFilmPlotBadly - This hashtag is now trending in the UK. Why not spend a fag break/ lunch hour guessing some of them?

Weekly Viral Vaccine 01-09

Happy Monday - have a gander at these oddities from the net over the past week: 1) Divorce selfies are now a 'thing', apparently...












We can now add that to the list of other bizarre selfie 'trends' (including but not limited to: death-defying selfies, Altar selfies and Funeral selfies):
































2) The Japanese have taken it a step too far (again), this time by promoting their Pizza Hut restaurants run by cats!



3) Here are the 22 types of hangover, expertly illustrated using stuffed, dead animals (as you do). I don't know about you but I'm ALWAYS no. 4...












4) Emmy cocktails inspired by award-winning shows - my fave has to be the Breaking Bad (yum)!













5) What would happen if geek girls acted like geek guys? Hmmmm...


6) Finally, it's only taken 14 years but someone's finally created a Shaggy flow-diagram


Social Bites: Facebook Updates

Will Facebook's new call-to-action buttons change the future of online shopping? Over the last few years Facebook has become more and more business focused; with younger users shifting to other platforms (Twitter and Instagram) to interact with their peers and in their place brands now taking a more dominant presence. It came as no surprise then that last month Facebook announced that it was testing a "buy" button on a selection of sponsored ads and pages. If successful (and well received by the general public) they could be rolling this out to all advertisers.


CTA button


This new function will provide users to buy a product from their favourite brands without having to leave the platform - its a win-win situation for both advertisers and users. For those of you wondering if it is safe or not, here's what Facebook have to say:

"None of the credit or debit card information people share with Facebook when completing a transaction will be shared with other advertisers, and people can select whether or not they’d like to save payment information for future purchases".

This development was a natural progression for the platform, considering that they had already dipped a toe in the water of added features designed to help advertisers reach more customers earlier in the year. The Custom Audience tool was given an additional five call-to-action buttons for marketers to choose from (Shop Now, Sign Up, Learn More, Download, and Book Now), broadening the options for brands, particularly those that don't sell tangible products.

If you follow the evolution of brand engagement practices on social platforms, it is no surprise that this development has come about. In an attempt to regulate the amount of spam and raise the quality of content from publishers on the platform, earlier this year Facebook announced that brands are no longer allowed to ask for 'likes' or shares within their posts. Instead brands are encouraged to advertise on the platform to ensure their message reaches as many people as possible.


Cross-device reporting for ads coming

This week Facebook has announced cross-device reporting as a new feature within Facebook Insights. This will allow advertisers to see how people move between devices (on mobile apps and on the web) before converting.




Understanding user behaviour and experience is essential to advertisers to give their customers the best experience and ensure their ads reach the most relevant people at the best time and place. It is now commonplace for people to be using two or three devices at work or at home, simultaneously - and up until now it's been tricky to pinpoint which ads are being seen on which devices alongside on which devices the conversions then occur.

Early tests with selected advertisers show that gaining an understanding of how users interact with their content and how their device behaviour and preferences affect their actions, is invaluable:

According to KLM Royal Dutch Airlines’ Manager, Social Media, Karlijn Vogel-Meijer, “We learned that our customers get inspired to travel on their mobile device and afterwards book a ticket through desktop. This knowledge helps us better understand how our mobile media spend contributes to conversion on other devices.”

The cross-device report uses data from the Facebook Conversion Pixel and Facebook SDK. For more information on why cross-device measurement matters, read the news story on Facebook for Business.


You Can Now Manage Facebook Ads On The Go

Are you a community/ brand manager whose social life is taking a beating due to asking friends if they have a laptop and wifi password you can borrow? Are you constantly nipping off to set up and monitor ads over the weekend for your clients? It needn't be a nuisance anymore, now that Facebook have launched a new feature that allows you to manage your ads on the go.

ads2 ads1

Last month Facebook launched the new Ads Manager feature within the Facebook App (iOS, Android and mobile site). Marketers will now be able to:

  • Pause or resume campaigns
  • Edit budgets and schedules
  • View insights
  • Respond to alerts

This feature is expected to be available to all advertisers by the end of the summer.

Instagram Announces New Suite of Business Tools for Brands

Instagram is proving to be one of the primary platforms for brands. With it's video and image editing functionality it allows and encourages creativity, something that brands such as Oreo and Starbucks continue to push the boundaries and set new standards for other brands.  




Being creative and executing innovative ideas means nothing though, if you can't prove it's success. New platforms are merely toys these days without the Insights tools for brands to prove their success and secure future funding for creative social media campaigns. It took Facebook around 4 years to launch Facebook Insights, and Twitter around 6 years before they quietly rolled out Twitter Analytics. Now it's Instagram's turn. Over the next few months, they will be rolling out a set of new tools to help brands assess the effectiveness of their paid and organic content.


These tools will provide data for the following three areas:

Account Insights

This will show brands how effectively they are improving their brand awareness through reach, impressions and engagement.



Ad Insights 

Shows data on the performance of paid campaigns (reach, impressions and frequency) for each individual advert.



Ad Staging

Allows brand teams to create, review and collaborate on ad creative for new campaigns.


These new updates will ensure that brands can access real-time insights on their campaign content and make live amends to optimise the performance. This feature is only currently available to existing Instagram advertisers, with a view to rolling out to other select brands in the coming months.

It is not clear yet as to whether this feature will be made available to the general public (non-advertisers on the platform), as per Twitter Analytics, but it will be interesting to see how brands use it to their advantage to improve the performance of their creative campaigns.

More info on the update can be found on the Instagram for Business Blog.

Weekly Viral Vaccine 25-08

We've taken a bit of a break, but now we're back with more weird and wonderful stuff from the Internet.

Here's our top 5 for the week:

1) Walrus gets choked up after receiving a fish cake for his birthday









2) This week's best ice-bucket challenge (come on, there are too many now)


3) The new version of jam sandwiches in the VHS recorder










4) Miserable Men (out shopping) has it's own Instagram account:







5) In memory of the late Richard Attenborough (RIP), here is the Jurassic Park theme sung by Goats




Vine Cranks Up A Gear

vine camera Since Twitter acquired Vine almost two years ago, not a lot has changed for the platform - you pretty much got what you signed up for with the first version; six second looping videos recorded on and directly uploaded from your phone.

On Wednesday of last week, Vine announced their new update which tech sites were quickly jumping on and touting as a game changer in the social space. Designed with the attention-span deficient generation of today in mind, Vine became an instant hit with young audiences all around the world, but failed to really take off with brands and businesses (with the exception of comedians - who continually found new ways to push the 6 second capacity to the limit). This all changed just a few days ago when Vine announced the new functions on the updated version of their platform, including time-lapse, ghost mode, undo, but the biggest development is the new 'import' button that allows you to upload a previously filmed piece of video content.

Vine posted the below video introducing the new camera features on their blog...

[vimeo 103853748 w=500 h=250]


To find out more about what the new features are and how to use them, click here for Mashable's guide.

No longer will Community Managers and Content Editors for brands be sat fumbling for hours with a makeshift steady-cam crane for their iphone, trying to film a stop-motion, 6 second video - now they will be able to import existing videos, edit them and share them with their Vine followers much more easily than before. And that's just the FMCG brands - working in film I know that this development will change the way in which entertainment brands use Vine in their social media campaigns moving forward, as the creative ideas we've been pitching for so long are actually now possible. We can create teaser Vine trailers and edit new content together to seed to Viners, finding a new way of engaging film audiences.

I worked on one of the UK's first national Vine brand campaign for Kids Company (when I worked at AMV BBDO) - although it was a great project to be part of, and a massive success, I can't help but think how much more creative we could have been if functionality (at the time) had allowed - everything from the sound effects to the end cards had to be captured in the shot.


More info on the project can be found here.



Weekly Viral Vaccine 19-08

There's something for everyone this week - from Doctor Who, to Disney Princesses and Bizarre Japanese Ads...  

1. shark whisperer - not just for horses!

2. Ping Pong Cats - has to be seen to be believed

3. How good is your hearing? - warning - you may be severely disappointed with just how old your ears are!

4. The Tardis spotted on Google maps - and you can now go inside

Tardis on Google maps


5. The weirdest ad for Sushi you're ever likely to see

6. What our subconscious sees -  Interesting article on how and what we see

7. Slam poet dazzles with story of obsessive compulsive love

8. How to take your own Man of Steel photo - Just when you thought this sort of thing had run out of steam...

9. Know your tongue - I'm so glad I do now, thanks Innocent!



10. If Disney Princesses had Instagram - I have a feeling there will be a lot more of these now...

11. Useful maps - to help you make sense of the world




Weekly Viral Vaccine 11-08

This week, we've got everything from cakes to cats, Minions to Jeremy Clarkson. Enjoy! 1) Alan Partridge cake - creepy looking, so pretty spot on then

2) Indoor clouds - ever wondered what clouds would look like indoors? A Dutch artists has made it a reality - awesome stuff.

3) The world's deepest swimming pool - 100 feet deep might not seem like that much, but check out the photo. Another reason to visit Belgium

4) 7 practical effects in film you probably thought were CGI - For those who are jaded by the over (and often poor) use of CGI in films, take a look at this and have your faith restored in the magic of real effects

5) Jeremy Clarkson car art - Relax, it's just a spray job...

6) Vinylize - the ultimate in cool, bespoke spectacle design; wear your favourite record on your peepers

7) Daft Minions - what the little dudes get up to on their days off

8) Free apps for iPad - top 25 from Mashable (good to have some useful links in here too)

9) CatShark - As it's Shark Week...