Everything you missed from Super Bowl 2015!

Didn't fancy staying up on a school night to catch this year's Super Bowl game between the @Seahawks and @Patriots? Well fear not, here are some of the highlights from the event including the top Super Bowl Movie Trailers, the best TV Ads from the night and the all important Twitter stats.

Every year the Movie Trailers shown during the Super Bowl are bigger, better and more epic than the ones before, and this year's did not disappoint. Strap yourselves in and get ready to 'Jump the Shark', 'Nuke the Fridge' and 'Drag the Safe' with these trailers for this year's Blockbuster movies:


Next up are the top TV Ads (handily compiled in a single Youtube video) - my faves have to be Budweiser's #bestbuds, which I have to admit, brought a tear to my eye, and Weightwatchers featuring the super-sexy voice of Aaron Paul. Enjoy!


Finally, let's see how the event played out in terms of online conversation. As predicted, #SB49 was the most Tweeted Super Bowl yet, resulting in over 28.4 million tweets related to the game and half-time show.

This interactive map shows how the game played out in terms of mentions, across the world.

The top three moments that generated the biggest peaks in conversation were:

  1. Malcolm Butler (@Mac_BZ) intercepts a pass by Russell Wilson (@DangeRussWilson) 1 yard from the goal line with 20 seconds left in the game
  2. @Patriots defeat @Seahawks to become #SB49 champions
  3. The end of @KatyPerry's half-time performance

The most mentioned @Patriots players were:

The most mentioned @Seahawks players were: