Hell-bent on Lent

I'm not religious (in the slightest), but as I creep towards the big 3-0 (T minus 2 months) I've become a lot more conscious of my health and what goes in my body, so I thought Lent would be as good an excuse as any for giving something up. 'Why not just give something up anytime?' I hear you cry - well, the definitive length of 40 days gives me a realistic goal (rather than a never-ending, impossible-to-achieve mission), and I can celebrate with a big blow-out come Easter (although I hopefully won't want to).

Why am I only writing about this now (on day 9)? Well, if I'm honest, I wasn't sure I was going to even last this long. But now that I'm more than a week in and going strong, I figured I'll write about it to serve as an extra motivation for me to keep going, if nothing else.

I'm not just giving up one thing - Oh no, this is a triple threat! (Any excuse to include Zelda's Triforce!)

First up, an easy one, Chocolate. I have a chocolate addiction, and like most addicts, I didn't even realise I was eating insane amounts until I noticed other people's reactions when I talked about it/ how much I eat every day. So that was an obvious choice, and perhaps the most difficult. 


Next, a rather odd one, Salad Cream. I'm sure I'm one of only about 500 people on the planet who actually likes the taste of Salad Cream, but from a young age I've eaten it with just about everything. Lasagne, Curry, Pizza, Pasta, you name it (weirdly enough not Salad though).

Finally, a rather predictable one, but I'm doing it anyway - alcohol. As a low-level drinker/ bit-of-a-lightweight, I can easily go a week or two without drinking any alcohol whatsoever, so 40 days of sobriety shouldn't be too tasking. Although, having said that, I've just realised that one of my best friends is leaving for Australia before Easter so there will be booze at that 'do', I'm sure. I'll just have to be on the Lime'n'Soda that night.

Wish me luck for the next 32 days - I'll be sure to update the blog before the end - hopefully not to let you know that I've caved.